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The UICHR is pleased to be sponsoring eight Cmiel interns during the summer of 2017. The interns will be doing exciting, meaningful work around the globe throughout the summer and will return to campus in the fall to report on their experiences. See the short bios provided below to learn more about this year's interns.

See the program website to learn more about the Cmiel internship program.

2017 Cmiel Interns

Avanthi Ajjarapu

Ajjarapu is a first-year MC, MPH student at the Carver College of Medicine. She will be completing her master’s practicum at the Harvard School of Public Health, studying challenges in mental health among refugee populations. As a dual degree student, her goal is to obtain a skill-set to advocate for locally marginalized communities (such as Native and refugee populations) as equally important in dialogue surrounding global public health.

Taylor Bradley

Bradley will be working for the Iowa Department of Human Rights Latino Affairs Office in Des Moines, Iowa. During her internship she will focus on ‘Know Your Rights’ projects to assist Iowa’s Latino community. She will also help to educate and promote the rights of Latino people in whatever other ways she can. Where she is able to, she hopes to also assist with education about the immigration process and learn from immigration attorneys. She will be working to help the Latino community in Iowa on any sort of human rights issue the office tackles.

Chloe Gumpert

Gumpert is a third year medical student at Carver College of Medicine. She will be traveling for one month along the India-Tibetan border of northern India with the Himalayan Health Exchange. Along with other medical students, physicians, dentists, and pharmacists, she will be hiking to nine Himalayan villages to conduct medical clinics. In addition to providing medical care, she will also be educating patients about disease prevention, nutrition, and hygiene. Gumpert is most looking forward to working with children, as she plans to pursue a career in pediatrics in the future. Overall, she is very thankful to have the opportunity to help patients overcome barriers to care in order to achieve a level of health and wellness they deserve.

Hyunju Lee

Lee is a doctoral student in the Schools, Culture, and Society program in the College of Education. This summer, she will travel to rural Kenya to work with the arts organization, "Brush With Hope." She writes, “I have long been interested in how educational practices can be conducive to unprivileged students especially in postcolonial, developing countries. I believe that having education opportunity is of the foremost important issues for all in order for them to serve themselves and to participate in changing the world to a better place to live.”

Anthony Mai

Mai is a first year medical student. He will be working with the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) organization in India this summer. Alongside other community health practitioners and local physicians, he will be assessing the health status of marginalized migrant construction workers and providing the results to SVYM so that the organization can better design community health interventions for this target population.

Eesha Patel

Patel is currently a first year Pharmacy student, and is traveling to Mysure, India, for her internship. The internship is through the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, and she will be working with the healthcare team in Mysure at the Swami Vivekananda Memorial Hospital. She will be working on a series of different projects that will be implemented in different areas, including a mobile health unit. Her main goal through this internship is to help provide an increased quality of care to the rural populations in Mysure.

Lacey Reimer

Reimer, in her second year at the UI School of Law, will be interning at the Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County in the Children’s Law Bureau. She is excited to spend her summer learning and interning in children and family law matters and getting to help first hand with child welfare, an area that encompasses an important and vulnerable population.

Collin Thatcher

Thatcher will be working in Gabon, a country in West Africa, at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. There he will be rotating through different medical specialties and learning how to provide the best care in a low resource setting. He will also be involved in community outreach programs where he will travel to smaller villages and provide medical care.