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In collaboration with professionals and practitioners from a variety of fields, this webinar series explores how Human Rights informs our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic. In our first webinar, we explored the legal, public policy, and public health dimensions of the pandemic. In following webinars we explore worker rights, immigrant and refugee rights, and more, so bookmark this page and check back frequently, so you don't miss these important conversations. 

Human Rights & COVID-19: Legal, Public Health, & Public Policy Dimensions

Video recording of UICHR webinar held on April 8, 2020: Human rights and COVID-19: How human rights helps us understand the pandemic and our responses to it. This webinar explores ...

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Human Rights & COVID-19: Protecting Iowa Worker Rights

Recording of the webinar held on April 22, with a presentation by Dr. Jennifer Sherer of the UI Labor Center and panelists from community and labor organizations sharing their on-t...

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Human Rights & COVID-19: Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Iowa’s immigrant and refugee communities have faced unique challenges and barriers in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear community leaders share how the COVID-19 pandemic is a...

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Bennett Freeman: Sustaining and Advancing Protections for Human Rights Defenders Under the Pressures of COVID-19.

Recording of the virtual meeting held on Aril 30, 2020. As societies respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with drastic societal shifts, there is concern that human rights defenders alr...

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John Sherman: Supply Chain Contracts, COVID-19, and the UNGPs

Recording of the virtual meeting held on May 1, 2020. The foundational UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights (UNGPs) (which Mr. Sherman helped create) have been broadly ...

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