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Our global reach is exemplified by in-depth, cutting-edge projects that engage advocates and leaders from around the world.

Through hundreds of convenings, trainings, policy consultations, outreach programs, white papers, monitoring, and reporting, UICHR has worked with non-governmental, governmental and intergovernmental organizations around the world to conduct research, assist with policy development, and participate in human rights protection mechanisms. UICHR has enabled University of Iowa students to gain experiential knowledge about and to assist in the work of human rights advocates in countries throughout Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and North America.

My time with UICHR has continued to be invaluable to my development as a human rights advocate and still influences my career goals even after a number of years have passed. Through the Center, I was exposed to a variety of local services and organizations; worked with and found inspiration in others who are invested in human rights; and gained practical work experience, which is something I was unable to find elsewhere in my degree program.
     -Kerry Lao, former UICHR intern

Activities with global impact:

  • Child Labor Research Initiative—Multi-year project producing curricula and teacher training opportunities, a unique on-line database of child labor law, and a significant multidisciplinary textbook.
  • Climate Legacy Initiative—Partnership with the Vermont Law School promoting innovative legal responses to global climate change, including a widely-disseminated white paper and sparking a UICHR-led lecture series and Iowa-based climate change teacher institute.
  • Courage of Conviction Award—Recognition of extraordinary individuals from around the world with long-standing commitment to human rights principles.
  • Academic and practitioner conferences on cutting edge human rights research—International research symposia and forums on issues such as addressing sexual violence in conflict zones, the intersection of immigration and labor rights, and the history and future of refugee resettlement locally and internationally.
  • Human Rights Index—Unique, thematic, curated list of statistics illustrating a global human rights challenge, published periodically with the Iowa Review.