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UICHR is committed to educating and serving learners at every level.

Through our Certificate Program in Human Rights, we work with passionate post-secondary students, providing them with practical and theoretical knowledge about human rights disciplinary frameworks, law, and advocacy. UICHR works with students of all ages through internship programs, public events, workshops, institutional partnerships, adult continuing education initiatives, and engagement with experienced k-12 educators. As the only human rights research and teaching center in the state of Iowa, UICHR is committed to remaining a vibrant, responsive resource for Iowans and all members of our global community.

Activities that educate:

  • Kenneth J. Cmiel Internship Awards—Support for students working for local human rights organizations world-wide over a summer.
  • Certificate in Human Rights—An 18 credit hour academic program for undergraduates providing an interdisciplinary perspective on human rights and skill development in the application and use of human rights law for advocacy.
  • Burns H. Weston Internship Award—Annually-funded professional development experience in human rights practice for law students.
  • Rex Honey Undergraduate Internship Program—Program for UI students to work directly with UICHR staff to support programs and advance knowledge of human rights issues through research, education, and outreach.
  • Burns H. Weston International Human Rights Essay Prize Competition—Recognition of excellence in student research at all three Regents universities.
  • Careers for Change Lecture Series—Program to bring those working in the field of social justice to campus to share their experiences with students.
  • IOWA Human Rights Research Conference—Annual showcase of student human rights scholarship from colleges and universities across the Midwest organized by the Iowa Network of Human Rights Academics.
  • Infusing Human Rights into the Curriculum—Workshops for faculty on campus and educators from across the state to enhance human rights education in Iowa schools.