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Over the last twenty years, UICHR’s goal has been to inspire, educate, and engage through innovative and diverse programming and partnerships. 

Inspiring, challenging, groundbreaking and surprisingly successful describe the early days of the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights… The UICHR remains a unique institution among Human Rights organizations with its integrated vision of looking at Human Rights from all perspectives — artistically, educationally, legally, and socially.
     -Gina Crosheck, UICHR co-founder

UICHR is the only academic human rights center in the State of Iowa.

Founded in 1999 under the auspices of a small team of leaders, including Burns Weston, Dorothy Paul, Rex Honey, and Gina Crosheck, the UICHR was conceived as a unique resource and a center of inquiry. From child labor to climate change, torture to migration, UICHR has prioritized educating students, teachers, and the larger community about the pressing human rights concerns of our day. 

Our mission is to promote and protect human rights at home and abroad. We are leaders in human rights education, scholarship, and public service to The University of Iowa, its surrounding communities, the State of Iowa, and beyond.

Highlights of our work

  • UICHR has sponsored over 2,000 programs and events.
  • UICHR’s One Community, One Book program alone has reached over 10,000 people through authors’ lectures, discussion forums, and classroom engagement.
  • UICHR has collaborated with hundreds of organizations in the U.S. and around the world to empower human rights activists such as Human Rights Watch, The Advocates for Human Rights, National Immigrant Justice Center, and the Center for Constitutional Rights.
  • UICHR has generated approximately $2 million in contracts, grants, and donations.
  • UICHR has provided internships on campus, in the U.S. and around the world for more than 300 students who have worked with human rights advocates from over 25
  • Alumni of UICHR are working at such organizations as the ACLU, Freedom House, World Health Organization, United Nations Association, in academia, and in government service.
  • UICHR has taught over 2,000 University of Iowa students in human rights courses.
  • UICHR-supported publications have been utilized in more than 1,000 classroom and continuing education settings around the world.