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Gregory Hamot

Phone: 319-335-5382

Dr. Greg Hamot is a Professor in the College of Education Department of Teaching and Learning who retired in December 2019 from his position as Associate Director of UICHR. He taught history and social studies for fifteen years in Chicago area secondary schools before earning his Ph.D. in social studies and global education at The Ohio State University. Dr. Hamot has a special interest in global and civic education as they relate to human rights, and he has worked extensively with educators from Poland, the Czech Republic, Armenia, Bulgaria, Japan, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan.

In the social studies program, Professor Hamot offers teacher preparation courses, a course on infusing global perspectives into the curriculum, and seminars on the history and foundations of social studies education. In addition, he serves on the International Studies Bachelor’s Degree Advisory Committee, is the Coordinator for International Students and Programs in the College of Education and holds a complimentary appointment in the University’s International Programs.