The UICHR regularly offers undergraduate courses that explore complex issues and subjects related to human rights. These courses are offered through the College of Law as part of the Certificate in Human Rights, but are open to any students at the University of Iowa. 

Regular course offerings include: 

Foundations in Human Rights

HRTS:2115 Introduction to Human Rights 3 s.h.; in-person (fall, spring); online; synchronous and asynchronous content (summer)
Analysis and evaluation of the international human rights program; relationship between human rights and international law.

Human Rights in Practice

HRTS:3910 Human Rights Advocacy 3 s.h.; in-person (fall)
Theoretical foundations and critical issues for international human rights advocacy and international humanitarian movements.

HRTS:3920 Advocacy in Action: From the Classroom to Congress (formerly Seminar in Human Rights Praxis: Supervised Internship) (spring); focus on field-based advocacy and human rights frameworks.

Contemporary Global Issues in Human Rights

HRTS: 2902/IS:2902 The Arts and Human Rights 1 s.h, off-cycle; in-person (fall 2023) 

HRTS:2903/IS:2903 Technology and Human Rights 1 s.h., off-cycle; online; synchronous and asynchronous content (fall 2023) 

HRTS:2907/IS:2907 Literature and Human Rights 1 s.h., off-cycle; online; synchronous and asynchronous content (fall 2023) 

HRTS:2908/IS:2908 Governance and Human Rights 1 s.h., off-cycle; online; synchronous and asynchronous content (spring 2023)

HRTS:2909/IS:2909 Human Rights Lab 1 s.h., in-person (spring) online; synchronous and asynchronous content (summer 2023) 

HRTS:3904/IS:3904 Business, Labor, and Human Rights 3 s.h., in-person (fall 2023)

HRTS: 3905 Topics in Human Rights: Games and Play 1 s.h., off-cycle; in-person (spring 2023)  

HRTS:3906 Global Crises in Human Rights 3 s.h., in-person (spring 2024)
A multidisciplinary course exploring human rights in context of global challenges. Topics change from semester to semester, and may include military conflict, nuclear war, human trafficking, environmental disasters, and other international human rights crises.

Please visit the UI Office of the Registrar for information regarding registration deadlines for courses or email Jo Butterfield, Advisor Human Rights Certificate, at