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Find out more about the UI Center for Human Rights' programs and speaker series at the links below. Recordings are available for all past webinars and online events.

Racial Equity & Human Rights series

This ongoing webinar series on Racial Equity & Human Rights has brought together accomplished speakers from a variety of fields to discuss the many manifestations and implications ...

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LGBT Rights at the US Supreme Court

On June 15, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. In this one hour webinar, legal ...

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DACA and the US Supreme Court

A Reprieve for DREAMERS, But a Closing of other Paths: What Does US Immigration Policy Look Like Today?

This webinar was held on June 8, 2020 to discuss the recent US Supreme case...

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Human Rights & COVID-19 Series

In collaboration with professionals and practitioners from a variety of fields, this webinar series explores how Human Rights informs our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic. In...

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One Community, One Book

The One Community, One Book program, also known as OCOB, is an annual community-wide reading project coordinated by the UICHR. The project invites campus and community members to r...

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Human Rights Education Training

Throughout its history, the UICHR has promoted engagement with the international human rights framework among educators, scholars, and students. To that end, it has hosted and cosp...

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Leadership Awards

Courage of Conviction AwardThe Courage of Conviction Award honors an individual who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the protection of human dignity and the advancem...

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