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1999 - 2019 retrospective


Since its founding in 1999, the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (UICHR) has grown as an essential catalyst for teaching, scholarship, and research. Now part of the College of Law, UICHR continues to expand its impact on the campus, state, and world.

For the past 20 years, the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights has occupied a unique and prominent role in teaching and promoting human rights on the University of Iowa campus, throughout the State of Iowa, and across the globe. I am honored to serve as the Center’s fifth director and to lead this innovative, multidisciplinary organization as we mark its 20th anniversary and continue to fulfill the inspired vision of its founders. We are grateful to all our friends for their continued support, and we look forward to the Center’s third decade of contributions to the advancement of human rights

-UICHR Director Adrien K. Wing
 Associate Dean of International & Comparative Law Programs
 Bessie Dutton Murray Professor of Law