Throughout its history, the UICHR has promoted engagement with the international human rights framework among educators, scholars, and students. To that end, it has hosted and cosponsored teaching workshops and seminars on and off campus. During these workshops, participants have had the opportunity to discuss concrete ways to increase the presence of human rights frameworks and scholarship in teaching. Examples of such workshops and initiatives include: 

  • Institutes for K-12 teachers on current human rights concerns,  including  “Global Climate Change: Human Rights, Consequences, and Responsibilities”  
  • Multidisciplinary faculty development workshops examining human rights as a framework for problem solving and critical thinking. overview of interdisciplinary approaches to human rights teaching, including experiential learning strategies
  • “Teach-ins” about human rights education content and strategies for educators and community members
  • Child Labor Research Initiative teacher trainings and curriculum development

UICHR staff also actively participates in regional, national, and international networks of human rights educators and advocates. The UICHR welcomes opportunities to collaborate with partners to host innovative education-oriented programs and events. If you are interested in co-hosting or collaborating with us, please contact one of our staff members.